Babeltrace 2 C API  2.0.0
Open-source trace manipulation framework
API reference
List of all API reference modules:
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 Common C typesC types common to many parts of the API
 Error reportingError reporting functions and macros
 General purpose utilitiesGeneral purpose utilities
 GraphTrace processing graph
 Component class developmentComponent class development (creation)
 MessagesElements exchanged between components
 Trace IRIntermediate representation of tracing domain objects and concepts (contents of messages)
 Clock classClass of stream clocks
 Clock snapshotSnapshot of a stream clock
 EventTrace event
 Event classClass of events
 FieldsContainers of trace data
 Field classesClasses of fields
 Field pathPath to a field
 PacketTrace packet
 StreamTrace stream
 Stream classClass of streams
 TraceTrace (set of streams)
 Trace classClass of traces
 Message iteratorIterator of a message sequence
 Message iterator classMessage iterator class
 Self message iteratorPrivate view of a message iterator for methods
 Private query executorPrivate view of a query executor for a component class query method
 Self componentsPrivate views of components for instance methods
 Self component portsPrivate views of ports for component class instance methods
 Self component classesPrivate views of component classes for class methods
 ComponentsSource, filter, and sink components: nodes in a trace processing graph
 PortsComponent input and output ports
 Component classesSource, filter, and sink component classes (non-development)
 Component descriptor setSet of descriptors of prospective components to use with bt_get_greatest_operative_mip_version()
 ConnectionComponent port connection
 Query executorExecutor of component class object queries
 Integer range setsSets of unsigned and signed 64-bit integer ranges
 Library versionLibrary version getters
 LoggingLogging level enumerators and library logging control
 Plugin developmentShared object plugin development
 Plugin loadingPlugin loading functions
 ValuesGeneric, JSON-like basic data containers